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=> KARACHI: Submarine cable SMW4 developed a shunt fa

KARACHI: Submarine cable SMW4 developed a shunt fault on Wednesday, causing telephone and Internet services to be disrupted in many countries.

The fault, which developed near Egypt, is being dealt with by routing all Internet traffic via alternative SMW3, a Pakistan Telecommunications Limited (PTCL) spokesman told Daily Times. He said the PTCL had alleviated the Internet service problems people had faced throughout the day by diverting the traffic to SMW3. He said the PTCL would also receive support from Fujera today (Thursday) to further reduce congestion.

The spokesman said an E-marine cable ship was en route to the fault location. He said it was expected that the fault in the submarine cable would be repaired within 48 hours. He said trained scuba divers had to find and fix the fault, necessitating the lengthy process. The situation has caused several problems for the corporate sector in the country.

All foreign correspondence has come to a virtual halt because of the lack of e-mail. The call centersÂ’ association has also said that they are suffering great loss.
Source: Daily Times