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Journalists, civil society, political parties protest against Rangers brutality

KARACHI: Business Recorder Logo Journalists, civil society and political parties on Saturday slammed the Rangers for its act of cold-blooded killing of a young man, Sarfraz Shah, and condemned the threats to a private TV channel’s cameramen, wanting reining in of the paramilitary forces.

A large number of protestors – representing journalists’ fraternity, civil society and political wings staged a demonstration outside Karachi Press Club. They had placards, banners and party flags in hands. They were chanting against Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Rangers and Police besides the top brass of Pakistan Army, while placards were read as “you are not soldiers but killers,” “the killers be punished openly at the crime spot,” “shame shame Shaitan Malik.”

Speaking at the KUJ Dastoor held protest demonstration, former governor Sindh, former Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan Fakhrudin G Ibrahim condemned the Rangers for killing a young man openly in public. He said the Rangers’ excesses had challenged the public’s tolerance at every level and showing fears that soon they could come out on streets to take on the security personnel.

Members of Progressive Youth Front, Labour Party Pakistan and Pasban had simultaneously staged a protest demonstration at KPC main gate, wanting the Rangers should be reined in. They said the excesses and terrorist acts of the state institutions had now become known to the nation and blamed them for bloodshed in cities and villages of the country.

They slammed Rehman Malik for calling the slain Sarfraz Shah a criminal, saying his statement made no distinctions than that of the ones had been in the military garb. They demanded the immediate removal of DG Ragners Major General Ijaz Chaudhry with those personnel involved in the cold-blooded murder and should be booked in the killing case. They demanded of the government to pay a compensation amount of Rs 5 million to the mourning family of the slain young man Sarfraz Shah.
Source: Business Recorder