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IT issues in Pakistan

Sir: Young IT brilliant minds like Arfa Randhwa make us Pakistanis feel very proud. Sadly, we still lag behind in this field. It can be concluded from the fact that many organisations, government or private, do not reply to queries of the people if they are sent by email.

Besides, websites are just considered fashion statements in Pakistan. Elsewhere in the world, if an enterprise does not have a website, or an email address, it is considered backward and of low quality. However, in Pakistan organisations do not bother to update or take care of it. This is because the enterprise has fulfilled the requirement of being an elitist organisation by making a website. In Pakistan, in order to obtain information from any company or institution, there is one and only source telephone, which is expensive as compared to the internet. On the other hand, in foreign countries, emails and websites are preferred to obtain information because they are cheap and convenient.

The ministry concerned should do something about this issue. I hope that the authorities would not disappoint me and many other persons who try to use emails for acquiring information.

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