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=> ISLAMABAD, Jan 19: PTCL’s customer service centres

ISLAMABAD, Jan 19: PTCL’s customer service centres are being thronged by subscribers for discontinuation of the “Pakistan Package” which they describe as an unnecessary burden, but the company insists the facility has received an overwhelming response.

The customers’ reaction was more apparent at various PTCL centres packed with subscribers complaining that they were getting inflated bills for monthly services they did not intend to sign up for.

Assisting PTCL staff had their hands full of adjustable bills, and customers dropped applications they were writing on spot for discontinuation of Pakistan Package.

Pre-activated from December 1, 2007, Pakistan Package enabled customers to make nationwide calls to all PTCL and Vfone numbers for Rs199 per month, excluding tax.

Complaints against PTCL seem to have increased manifolds, for the services imposed on the customers rather than being offered.

However, PTCL Executive Vice-President Ali Qadir Gillani disagreed.

“The response to Pakistan Package has been overwhelming. Those who don’t want the facility are only a fraction compared with many who want to avail Pakistan Package. The response is over 90 per cent positive. There is a little friction and PTCL is making sure that their problems are taken care of, in every city,” he said.

Nonetheless, PTCL subscribers at the service centres responded differently. Standing among the crowds, in the customer service centre on Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium road, Arshad Ali, a headmaster in a school, was upset about “strange” charges that had popped up on his phone bill.

“What is this? Extortion? I didnÂ’t even know about this facility until it appeared on my phone bill,” said Arshad Ali, who found it “highly inconvenient” coming to the service centre to get Rs199 deducted.

Mohammad Saddiq, who lives in Muslim Town Rawalpindi, said: “We hardly ever call anyone outside. And if there is such a need we use the normal service.”

Mrs Malik, who also seemed unhappy about the Rs199 appearing on her bill, said: “It took me 20 minutes and I still could not turn off the Pakistan Package option because their system was continuously busy. I don’t want to keep coming back to customer service centre. It’s so inconvenient.”

PTCL customer service centre revenue officer Walid Ahmed sat in his small office accepting applications for discontinuation of Pakistan Package service.

“The procedure is simple. Subscribers can walk in with their bills and the concerned officer will simply deduct the extra Rs199 so that people are not charged for it during payment. An application for discontinuation of the service is required so that people are not charged for the service next time.”
Source: Dawn