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Irresponsible media

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Sir: In this globalised world, no issue can remain out of sight, which is a good sign because everyone becomes aware and alert about what is happening around them. However, at the same time, mere projection coupled with an immature attitude tends to bring no results, as has happened in the case of the gang-rape of a five-year-old girl. There is no doubt that this is a criminal act that shows the sick mentality of our society; we live in the 21st century but still lack respect for women. The way the issue has been highlighted in the media has proved futile because it has failed in bringing the criminals to book. Actually, the media’s role in this particular case has had an adverse effect: the media has failed to protect the young victim’s identity, making her the talk of the town on different talk shows and news programmes. This only shows the media’s immaturity and lack of responsibility.

The victim’s identity should have been concealed as such coverage cannot help to heal the agony she has been through. Our media should avoid sensationalism and dramatisation of such an incident just for the sake of higher ratings.


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