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Intel launching four new processors

KARACI-H:Feb.5:Intel Corporation is launching four new processors (for merly code-named Prescott) that are built on the company’s industry-leading, high-volume 90­nanometer (nm) manufacturing technology.

These processors are among the six new offerings in Intel’s line of desktop chips, bringing new features and high performance to a wide range of PC users, from mainstream and business people mg enthusiasts and computer power users this new manufacturing technology, along with numerous architectural enhancements, enable us to continue delivering products that allow the end users to interact with a wide variety of digital devices,” Intel Desktop’ Platforms Group Vice President and General Manager Bill Siu said.

“These processors provide improved responsiveness for today’s corporate and home application and offer headroom for the next wave of technologies.”

The Intel’s 90-mn (a nanometer is one-billionth.of a meter) process technology is the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing process, in the industry, built exclu­sively on 300 mm wafers.

This new process combines high performance, low-power transistors, strained silicon, high-speed copper interconnects and a new low-k dielectric material. This is the, first time that all of these technologies have been integrated into a single manufacturing process.

The new processors built on the 90-nm process retain the multitasking capabilities of Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology, and include new features.

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