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Inquiry shows three zoo black bucks died from mutual fight

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KARACHI: An inquiry report recently submitted to the commissioner Karachi has declared that a ‘mutual fight’ led to the death of ‘three male black bucks’ at the zoo a week ago, it emerged on Thursday.

It rules out the possibility of an attack by stray dogs.

The report prepared by a committee tasked to investigate zoo animal deaths suggests punishments for the security in-charge as well as the watchman for negligence. However, it remains short of recommending action against the staff responsible for keeping seven male bucks in one enclosure which apparently led to the fight.

The report points out that the zoo administration had kept 12 male and female black bucks in one cage, and seven male black bucks in the other where the fight took place.

According to the committee’s findings, no evidence was found to lend credence to media reports that stray dogs had attacked the animals. “The committee members also visited the cage, thoroughly examined the site, perused the post mortem report, and ruled out the possibility of a stray dog attack.”

“On the management side, it was a wrong decision by the zoo administration to place male and female black bucks in enclosures located opposite to each other,” it says.

Three veterinary experts, Dr Rehman Ali, Dr Kazim Hussain and Dr Azam Rao who were later made part of the inquiry, also endorsed a similar conclusion.

“We all officers discussed the matter, examined the post-mortem report and saw pictures of the animal remains and have come to the conclusion that it is a clear case of a mutual fight among male black bucks. Therefore, any other speculation is baseless,” the report says.

The committee suggested immediate suspension and action against the chief security officer and watchman who were at Gate No 5 near the cages of the black bucks when the incident took place.

“There is slackness on part of the security in-charge who restrained the staff at the zoo gates (and didn’t allow them to look after animal cages),” it adds.

It also recommended posting adequate skilled security staff in the night shift to carry out effective monitoring of the animals.

“There is also a need for inter-communication and surveillance system at proper points. The number of cages should also be increased and expanded for better conservation. Essential tools such as torches, whistles, emergency lights etc should be provided to watch and ward,” the report says.

The committee members included deputy commissioner, district South, Mohammad Saleem Rajput, director livestock Dr Mushtaq Jokhio, senior director culture, sports and recreation Syed Raza Abbas Rizvi, director zoo Fahim Khan and director Safari Khalid Hashmi.

It may be recalled that the zoo administration reported the death of three black bucks due to ‘mutual fight’ last week. Though the zoo administration insisted that only three animals died, a section of the media reported five deaths which were blamed on an attack by stray dogs.