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Implementation of labour laws urged

HYDERABAD, Feb 16: The secretary general of the All-Pakistan Trade Unions Organisations (APTUO) Ghulam Sarwar Chandio has urged the government to implement labour laws in letter and spirit and ensure that the employers give their workers appointment letters, social security and EOBI cards enabling them to avail of all the legal facilities.

Mr Chandio said while speaking to representatives of various trade unions affiliated with APTUO on Friday that without appointment letters and social security and EOBI cards the workers always remained at the mercy of their employers and they could not even seek remedy from the court if they were fired.

He recalled that the employers were not even implementing the fixed minimum wage of an unskilled worker of Rs4,000 a month and urged the government to enforce all the labour laws in letter and spirit.

He expressed grave concern over the government’s failure to find Sohail Qalandar, resident editor of the daily Express Peshawar who was kidnapped 45 days ago.

Mr Chandio said that the government had also failed to control the prices of utilities, cement and essential consumer items.
Source: Dawn