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Govt not proceeding against TV for ‘obvious reasons’

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BAHAWALPUR: MNA Jamshed Dasti has said that the nation will not tolerate blasphemy and Pemra should take stern action against the private TV channel for broadcasting sacrilegious content. He warned that if the government did not take action against the TV channel then it would itself responsible for the consequences. Addressing “Meet The Press” programme of Bahawalpur Press Club here on Monday, Dasti demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the issue immediately. He accused both the PML-N and PPP backing the Geo and Jang group, saying that the government did not willing to take action against the media group.

He pointed out that the district administration and Principal Quaid-e-Azam Medical College should have played their role for the resolution of issues being faced by the doctors, adding that the Punjab Health Minister and the Health secretary for failure to tackle issues of the young doctor.

Dasti said that feudal landlords and capitalists had held the country hostage, adding that both the PPP and PML-N had used the slogan restoration Bahawalpur province and creation of Southern Punjab province for their vested interest, adding that ‘corrupt mafia’ had destroyed the country by dividing the masses into group in the name nationalism although Pakistan had come into being in the name of Islam.
The outspoken MNA asked people that if they wanted to restore Bahawalpur province then more than 50,000 people would have to come on roads.

He said that bring Army into politics was against the national interest as ISI and Army were grappling with war-like situation, adding that conspiracy hatched by India, America and Israel to separate Balochistan from Pakistan had been foiled by the Army and ISI with great sacrifices.

He stated that Geo TV followed the agenda of anti-Pakistan forces, adding that attack on Hamid Mir was an attack on Journalism but media trial of ISI and Army by on the basis of the attack was condemnable.

Dasti pointed out that America had destroyed Army of Iraq and then Libya and now utilising all out resources to demonise Pakistan Army and ISL through private TV channels, adding that both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari were part of this dirty game.

He said that silence of the government on the blasphemy was beyond understanding, adding that when he tried to speak on the issue on the floor of the National Assembly, his mike was turned off which proved that America, Israel, India and Nawaz Sharif were working on the same agenda.

Dasti alleged that Mir Shakilur Rehman was well aware of Nawaz Sharif’s rigging in the general election that why the government was reluctant to take action against the Geo channel.

He demanded the government to immediately charge the owner and management of the Geo and proceed against them as per relevant laws.

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