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Government urged to implement access to information laws

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LAKKI MARWAT – Speakers at a seminar on Tuesday asked the federal and provincial government to implement access to Information laws with true spirit and remove obstacles in this regard to promote budget transparency and accountability in the country.

The seminar was organized by the Citizens’ Network for Budget accountability (CNBa) in collaboration with the Community Development organisation and Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) in lakki Marwat city. The speakers included CDo representative Inayatullah khan, advocate Zafrullah khan and a local body member eng latifullah khan.

Highlighting the state of budget transparency in Pakistan, the speakers said that the CPDI in its recent report had pointed out shortcomings in the budgeting process both at federal and provincial level. “The budget proposals should be widely discussed with civic groups, government agencies and other stakeholders before being passed from the legislature,” they maintained.

They underlined the need for giving a legal protection to the citizens’ participation in the budgeting process, saying that people’s participation at different stages will help ensure transparency in the budget making process. They said that the role of MPs should be enhanced in budget formulation and its implementation.

The khyber Pakhtunkhwa government ranked first with 93 points in the comprehensiveness of budget document and citizens’ participation,” said Inayatullah khan referring to the CPDI report, adding that the performance of other governments was also appreciable in this regard as the budget documents meet international standard of functional and economical classification.

He also called for addressing the issues relating to citizens’ participation in budgeting, legislature oversight and duration of debate on budget in the parliament and equitable budgeting. Latifullah, neighbourhood council’s chairman from lakki city, appreciated the role of CPDI in creating awareness among people about the budget making process.

Source: The Nation

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