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Fragmentation opens at Canvas

By: Peerzada Salman

KARACHI: Imagine the intriguing world of mythology and the glitzy realm of showbiz coming together in an artwork. It is not as if it has not been done before, the point is that the very idea is quite engaging. However, to lump two different milieus or two distinct philosophies together need a certain creative flair so that the viewer can relate to it. An exhibition of Waseem Ahmed’s artworks titled ‘Fragmentation’, inaugurated at the Canvas Art Gallery on Tuesday, seeks to do the same.

Waseem Ahmed has been around in the art scene for a little more than a decade. The medium that he has used for the exhibits on display is pigment colour and tea stain on wasli paper. And the medium is just as important as the message, reason being that the softness of the paper balances out the heaviness of the subject matter.

The artist has tried to achieve a few goals at a time. First and foremost is the endeavour to juxtapose two time zones and characters from diametrically opposed periods. Let’s not name the characters and keep them under the hat, because it would be suffice to generate interest to say that a character from a certain mythology is placed next to a Hollywood heartthrob to suggest a connection. It is the viewer who has to find that connection, though.

The other thing that the artist has tried to accomplish is create a fragmented approach to life. This does not mean that it should be discussed or treated in bits and pieces, but implies that living beings do not necessarily disclose, or like to disclose, all facets of their existence.

Therefore the sense of incompleteness sometimes provides the impetus that keeps the going. In his own words, Waseem Ahmed has also touched on the process of painting through the content of his artworks.

The exhibition will be open till Nov 2.