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FBR issues rules for duty on unregistered mobile phones

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ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued new procedures for regularisation of unregistered mobile devices with payment of duty and taxes to regularise imports of non-commercial mobile phones.

The customs procedures for imports of non-commercial mobile phones will be implemented through a customs notification SRO1455 of 2018 and customs general order 06 of 2018 issued on Friday.

After payment of duty/taxes, mobile phones — brought in illegally through informal channels — can be registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Auth­ority (PTA) until Dec 31, 2018. However, the payment of penalty was waived on such mobile phones.

The holder of unregistered mobile device will voluntarily approach the nearest collectorate of customs and file declaration along with a copy of IMEI details of the device. The customs officers will first verify the particulars and endorse the stamp on the declaration form and detain the device.

Then the holder will file an application supported with duly stamped declaration form in the PTA for issuance of certification of compliance (CoC). After getting the CoC, the applicant will approach customs authorities for the release of the mobile device.

After adjudication process, customs duty will be assessed on the device which will then be deposited in the National Bank of Pakistan and the phone will be released to the holder. However, the mobile phone will be confiscated in case of non-issuance of CoC.

It was clarified that after the deadline of Dec 31, no option would be available to regularise illegal mobile devices. All such devices will be liable for seizure/outright confiscation. In addition, all such devices will be permanently blocked through Devices Identi­fication, Registration and Blocking System (DRIBS) by the PTA.

Import through couriers

The FBR has also notified new procedures for import of unregistered mobile devices by individuals through postal service or courier for personal use or gift.

The customs authorities will detain such imported phones and then issue a stamped declaration form to the applicant. The applicant will apply for certification of CoC via PTA portal by submitting documents.

The PTA will issue CoC online in accordance with the applicant’s SoP for release of the detained device and forward a copy to the customs authorities. Upon issuance of CoC from the PTA, the applicant will deposit the customs-assessed leviable duty/taxes and the detained mobile will be released accordingly.

The mobile devices of international passengers will be regularised following declaration of these devices at customs counters established at all international airports through declaration form.