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Fashion show reflects calligraphy, Islamic history

LAHORE: A captivating fashion show on the theme of Islamic history and art of calligraphy was held in Punjab university in connection with the university’s first-ever international moot on calligraphy titled “Sarir-e-Khama: Art of Pen”.

The main objective of the fashion show and the conference is to revive the dying art of calligraphy in Pakistan and introducing glorious past to new Pakistani generation. All the models, who were students of the college, displayed the costumes of the royal Muslim Courts from Persian to Arabic attires.

Moreover, new dresses were designed on the alphabets and different patterns of calligraphy, based on various writing styles like Naskh, Nasta’liq, Thulth and other.

The international delegates who had come to attend the conference from the United Kingdom, Turkey and Iran were of great admirer of the show organizers and students. Punjab University College of Art and Design’s Textile Department arranged the colourful event. College Principal Prof Dr Rahat Naveed Masud, international delegates from United Kingdom, Turkey, Iran, various personalities from fine arts, Pakistani calligraphers and a large number of students were present on the occasion. The choreographers and organizing team included Beenish Tahir, Asim Islam, Asna Mubashra, Ajmal Asad Khan, Naveed Ata, Maira Asad Khan, Ahmar Iqbal, Aleena Iqbal and others.

Addressing the event, Dr Rahat Naveed said such activities were a must for the mental health of the students. She praised the students and the teachers who were involved in carrying out the show in such a professional way with such a strong conceptual link to the Muslim history. She said the students were provided with the opportunity to polish their creative skills.

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