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Faiz’s poetry a beacon of light for oppressed

ISLAMABAD: Faiz Ahmed Faiz was the voice of the poor people’s conscience and, his poetry is like a beacon light to the oppressed sections of society. Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters, Fakhar Zaman said that while addressing a meeting of writers.

Faiz is the identity of Pakistan throughout the world. The research on his thought and concepts should be done to rediscover Faiz. Faiz’s 100th birth anniversary happens to be in 2011. This year is declared as Faiz’s year.

Pakistan Academy of Letters will hold ceremonies, seminars and conferences throughout the world on Faiz. The books on Faiz will also be published. Documentaries, Dramas and music program will be organized.

In this year, two international conferences in connection with Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s birth and death anniversaries will be organized in which President of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Pakistan will be invited.

Giving details of the programs in Faiz’s year, Fakhar Zaman said that Progressive Writers Movement will cooperate with PAL in this regard.

A committee on national level named as “Faiz Centenary Committee” is formulated on national level in which writers and intellectuals are included as member. The committee will work on central and provincial level.

Provincial committees will be formulated and provincial committees will formulate on district level in their provinces so that Faiz’s public oriented ‘poetry may be spread further.

Faiz Centenary committee will organize ceremonies on public level. Committee will organize programs on National and International level.

In this regard, international conference in Sweden Britain and Canada will also be arranged. The coordination with Afro Asian Writers Association will be made to arrange to ceremonies about Faiz.

He said that a voluminous book on Faiz will be published and his poetry will be translated in UNESCO languages by PAL.

A book consisting of the papers that will be read in conferences arid seminars throughout the year will be published in the form of book with the reports of the ceremonies and pictures.

He said that Faiz’s poetry will be included in Syllabus. Memorial tickets on Faiz will be issued. The Pakistan mission abroad will be asked to celebrate Faiz’s year in a befit ting manner.

A committee regarding ceremonies and other arrangements, Faiz Centenary Committee is formulated. Fakhar Zaman, Chairman PAL is the Chairman of this committee and Progressive writers Association, Secretary General Rahat Saeed is the Secretary General.

The committee on provincial level includes Hameed Akhter and I. A Rehman from Punjab, Yousaf Jamal and Badaruddin Ujjan from Sindh, Senetar Abdullah Mondokhel and Dr. Shah Mohammad Marri from Balochistan, Saleem Raz and Latif Afridi from Pakhtoon Khawa and Agha Nasir and Sajida Shah from Islamabad.
Source: The Nation