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Environmental and human ecology

By: Arturo Ramo

Currently, there is much talk about ecology and protection of the environment in the media. Care for the environment is one of the biggest challenges humanity faces right now, highlighting global warming and the scarcity of energy resources. In places like Africa, there are serious problems of erosion and desertification of large tracts of land. Selfishness and materialism are components of environmental aggression, leading us to see man as the absolute owner of nature; human selfishness hurts creation.

Human ecology refers to the protection of the human being who is part of the environment, part of creation. The human being is attacked when his dignity and freedom are despised and when human life is destroyed, either before birth (abortion) or at the end of life (euthanasia). If we want a world that is peaceful and just, we must protect nature in the environmental sense and protect the human being by thinking of him as being part of the environment.

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