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Development of cable industry top priority of Pemra: Iftikhar

ISLAMABAD, April 05,2005:Pakistan Electronic Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Iftikhar Rashid on Monday said Pemra was thrashing out criteria and broader framework for functioning of cable operators and to ensure provision of quality cable TV service to the public.

Talking to representatives of cable operators here, Chairman Pemra said the cable operators and Pemra are partners and they should work hand-in-glove for the development and promotion of the cable industry.

He said the cable sector has made progress in the last four years, after the cable operators were allowed to operate in Pakistan.Iftikhar categorically said he is a friend of law-abiding cable operators but he would not accept the violation of the Pemra law. He said cable operators should not be afraid of the law, if they are already observing it faithfully.

The chairman added that efforts are being made to promote the cable industry and establish it on a sound footing. This can only be accomplished when cable operators are brought into the net of the Pemra law, he added.

He said illegal cable operators are far more in number than the licensed and registered cable operators who hold valid Pemra licences, and said the illegal activity would not be allowed anymore.

Iftikhar said all loop/line holders should get themselves registered with Pemra, otherwise a well thought-out punitive campaign would be launched against them. He said the cable operators should earn respect and honour as a responsible member of the society by providing healthy info-entertainment to their subscribers.

Iftikhar said efforts should be made by cable operators to improve quality of service by applying latest technology and gadgets.

He said the Pemra has issued a Code of Conduct to protect ideology and cultural values of Pakistan and it is incumbent upon the cable operators to observe this code strictly.

He said the Pemra would show no leniency as far as preservation of socio-cultural norms of the country are concerned and added that cable operators must not show banned, unregistered and CD channels.

He emphasised that cable operators should provide list of genuine subscribers to the Pemra. The chairman assured the Cable Operators that the Pemra is fully aware of the difficulties and problems being faced by the cable operators and would leave no stone unturned to solve them.

Iftikhar said eligible channels list will be revised and they should provide specific proposals in this regard.The chairman also announced the formation of a 3-member committee to formulate proposals with regard to advertisement issue on cable channels.

Representatives of Cable Operators Associations thanked the chairman for his considerate and personal attention to the problems faced by them. They appreciated the Pemra for providing relief to cable operators.

The Cable Operators Association of Pakistan also made a presentation about the evolution and development of cable TV system in Pakistan and the problems being faced by them.

They fully endorsed the viewpoints and promised to work
in harmony with the Pemra Law and the norms of the society.
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