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Dawn staffer honoured

KARACHI – Dawn’s assistant editor Zubeida Mustafa has been named as one of the winners of this year’s global Media Awards for Excellence in Population Reporting by the Washington-based World Population Institute on December 11.

Mrs Mustafa received her award at a ceremony earlier this month in Rabat, Morocco. She had also won the World Population Institute’s award in the individual reporting category in 1986.

Journalists, media institutions and organizations who have contributed in spreading awareness about population issues are honoured annually in some 15 categories by the 100-year-old institute.

This year’s other winners are Rina Jimenez of the Philippine Daily Inquirer; Nouzha Skalli, a women’s rights activist and member of the Moroccan parliament; the Inter Press Service (IPS); Radio Tanzania; the World Watch Magazine of Worldwatch Institute; the Poblacion y Salud en Mesoamerica; the Salud Publica de Mexico; the Durago Herald; the Bangladesh Centre for Communication Programmes; the Family Planning Association of Morocco; and Ennakhil pour la Femme et L’enfant of Morocco. The country award went to Morocco.

Source: Dawn