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Crucial role of RTI laws in promoting govt’s transparency commended

Pakistan Press Foundation

ISLAMABAD: Chief Information Commissioner of the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui, Information Commissioners at PIC Mr. Ijaz Hassan Awan and Mr. Huzaifa Rahman have commended the pivotal significance of Right to Information (RTI) laws in fostering transparency within government institutions.

In a statement in connection with Universal Access to Information Day being observed tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 28), the Information Commissioners emphasized that Article 19-A of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan bestows upon citizens the fundamental right of access to information held by public bodies, subject to certain limitations. They stated that this constitutional provision is cornerstone of a democratic society, enabling citizens to stay informed and hold government bodies accountable for their actions.

They elaborated on the vital role of RTI laws in empowering citizens to actively participate in the democratic process. They noted that when citizens have access to information, they can make informed decisions, engage in constructive dialogue, and ultimately contribute to better governance and right to vote.

The Information Commissioners emphasized that RTI laws are a means to ensure that government institutions remain transparent, responsive, and accountable to the people they serve.

They stressed that these laws provide a mechanism for citizens to obtain information and documents from public bodies, thereby reducing the opacity that can often surround government operations.

The Information Commissioners reassured that the Pakistan Information Commission is committed to upholding the principles of transparency through access to information enshrined in the country’s Constitution. They affirmed their dedication to assisting citizens in their pursuit of information and ensuring that public bodies adhere to the requirements of the RTI laws.

The PIC encourages citizens to exercise their right of access to information and to engage with the Commission for any assistance or guidance required in this regard.


Source: Pakistan Today

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