Contractor warned not to check Television (TV) licences -
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Contractor warned not to check Television (TV) licences

JHANG- A first class executive magistrate refused to proceed on the basis of violation reports submitted in the absence of a TV licence inspector.

He summoned the inspector on the next date and warned the licence fee contractor against carrying out inspection raids through unauthorized people.

A large number of citizens complained earlier that the contractor had employed private people who demanded to see the licences and issued violation slips on a Pakistan Television (PTV) inspector’s behalf. They said the psuedo inspectors carried blank forms signed by the inspectors who did not himself visit the houses.

Processing a TV set without a valid licence is an offence punishable with a fine and the PTV has leased out the right to collect TV licence fee. The contractors, however, are not empowered to inspect the licences.

The victims said the unauthorized ‘inspectors’ not only harassed people, they also extorted bribes and issued fake licences.
Source: The Nation