Classic, contemporary Hindko poetry compilation launched

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PESHAWAR: To promote the Hindko language and highlight some of its best exponents, poetry by past maestros of the language along with some new Hindku poetry has been compiled and published by the Gandhara Hindko Academy.

The 300-page book is titled ‘Virsa’. It has been researched and compiled by Ali Awais Khayal and highlights the work of some 48 classical and contemporary Hindko poets.

The book is comprised of “Harfis” (couplets), a genre of the Hindko literature which is considered to be quite unique when compared to other languages.

There are a total of 377 Harfis included in the book along with the introduction of the poets which has been penned by Khayal. The book begins with couplets from Ustad Sahib-e-Haq, a classic Hindko poet who was born in the Walled City of Peshawar in 1740 AD.

According to senior writer Syed Saeed Gilani, who has reviewed the book, Khayal has done a commendable job tracking down Hindko language poetry which dates back to 18th century and then compiling it all.

The writer believes that a lot of literary treasure of the Hindko language has been lost owing to the absence of any written record with only oral traditions offering some sort of cultural and language preservation.

Muhammad Ziauddin, a well-known Hindko writer, poet, research scholar and chief of the Executive Committee of the Gandhara Hindko Academy, said that former religious scholar Maulvi Amir Shah Gillani had desired that the work of ancient Hindko literati be published so that it could be introduced to upcoming generations.

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