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CD shops blown up in Nowshera, Kohat

NOWSHERA, Jan 14: A group of armed militants blew up fourteen shops, most of them CDs centres, in a series of explosions at three main markets of sensitive Hakeemabad area in Nowshera cantonment in the small hours of Wednesday.

Eight shops were destroyed completely while six others damaged partially in series of three blasts with four minutes intervals in Hakeemabad. The first blast occurred in Qurban Khan Plaza at 4:20am destroying completely three offices of former MPA Qurban Khan. His residence was also partially damaged. Two offices of Tariq Internet Company were also completely destroyed in the explosion.

The second blast took place at Fawad Market where CDs and electronic stores were destroyed. Several shops were also partially damaged.

The third explosion in Nowsherawan Market completely destroyed Bobi CD House and shops of Abdul Wahab, Riaz, Hamid and Zeshan.

Three of the explosive devices could not went off which were later on defused by the bomb disposal squad.

“Four youngsters wearing masks were standing on the GT road. I approached them and asked the reason of their presence there late at the night. They told me that they were waiting for their friends coming from Punjab,” said the watchman, the only eyewitness of the incident.

He said that after some time six more masked men appeared from the Dheri Kaikhel side and all of them were armed with Kalashnikovs, hand grenade, pistols and other sophisticated weapons.

“As soon as they approached me they snatched my repeater at gunpoint and warned me of dire consequences. Four of them made me hostage while the other six planted explosives at the markets. Later they detonated the explosive destroying several shops in the three markets,” he added.

Our Correspondent from Kohat adds: Unidentified persons blew up a CD centre in Jawaki Banda on Hangu road on Wednesday.

The Cantt police said that militants had planted three kilograms of explosives at the shutter of the shop of Sajid Mir. Mr Mir also runs a tailoring shop. As a result of the blast all the music equipment, sewing machines and CDs were turned into ashes. Police have registered a case and started investigations.

Source: Dawn