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CCP Warns Social Media Influencers About Deceptive Marketing Practices

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The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued a warning to social media influencers, urging them to avoid deceptive marketing practices. The CCP issued a statement on March 6 , noting that it has observed an increase in deceptive marketing practices on social media platforms and that influencers are often involved in promoting products without disclosing any connection to the brands they are endorsing.

The CCP has issued guidelines to help consumers identify deceptive endorsements. These guidelines require influencers to disclose any connection to the product they are endorsing. This disclosure should be clear and conspicuous and should not be buried in the fine print.

Deceptive marketing isn’t without consequences. The CCP highlights that misleading endorsements are a direct violation of the Competition Act of 2010. The Commission has detailed guidelines, including the requirement that influencers clearly disclose paid sponsorships or gifts received.

The CCP expressed concern that young people are particularly vulnerable to deceptive marketing tactics and that they may be misled into purchasing products based on the recommendations of influencers they trust.

The CCP also reminded consumers that celebrity endorsements can be helpful tools when deciding what to buy, especially for items where quality is hard to judge beforehand. Endorsements can boost healthy competition and help small businesses succeed. However, it’s vital that influencers operate ethically.

The statement added that the CCP is working diligently with stakeholders to prioritize fair competition and keep consumers safe from harm. Their commitment to upholding the Competition Act of 2010 means taking a firm stance against any deceptive marketing practices.

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