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Preacher appeals to TV channels to telecast Easter service

KARACHI: Last year, Reverend Shahid Anwar commemorated Good Friday surrounded by thousands of his parishioners. But with all religious gatherings suspended this year – in Pakistan and around the globe – he is commemorating the solemn Christian occasion at the vicarage, his residence on the grounds of the Central Brooks Memorial Church in Karachi where […]

Govt raises national TV fee from Rs35 to Rs100

ISLAMABAD: The government on Saturday increased the fee of national TV from Rs35 to Rs100. The state-run TV fee is collected by charging it to consumers’ electricity bills each month. This means that citizens have to pay the amount whether they watch the channel or not, reported the Geo News on Saturday. The increased fee […]

TV channel proposed to mitigate academic losses

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ISLAMABAD: Minister for Education ShafqatMahmood on Tuesday chaired a meeting that decided to launch a TV channel as an alternative educational content delivery mechanism in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to mitigate academic losses. According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Education, the meeting was informed that the proposed dedicated TV channel […]

Pemra asks channels not to hold morning shows inviting audience live

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Saturday issued another advice to the television channels, asking for promotion of social distancing and desisting from holding morning shows, inviting live audience with a view to checking coronavirus spread. The authority’s advice titled: Advice regarding precautionary measures to control spread of coronavirus Covid-19, says, “it has […]

Pemra issues coronavirus advisory to media houses

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) Friday issued an advice to the television channels and FM radio stations to exercise caution with regard to their staff members vis-a-vis the coronavirus. The authority, through a communication, said the situation necessitated that each and every enterprise should adopt best practices as advised by the health […]

Pemra told to air awareness message about stray dogs on all TV channels

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KARACHI: The Sindh High Court directed the chairman of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) on Thursday to ensure that a public awareness message regarding a helpline about stray dogs was aired by all news channels and cable TV networks across the province. The two-judge bench headed by Justice Mohammad Ali Mazhar also directed […]

Govt plans to fully digitise state-owned radio

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ISLAMABAD: The government of Prime Minister Imran Khan, under its vision of introducing modern trends and technology in different sectors, has planned to fully digitize the state-owned radio bringing about a revolution in the field of broadcasting in the country, and to capture the audience at home and abroad including South Asia and Central Asia […]

A rowdy public debate

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BACK in 2005, private news channels were still a new phenomenon in Pakistan and there were just a handful of them. Hence, the channels were experimenting with show formats and topics; and one such experiment on Geo had Hina Bayat, who now acts in dramas, hosting a show on ‘social’ issues. One evening, in 2005, […]

Pemra asks TV channels not to air ‘indecent content’

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) issued an advice to all satellite TV channels on Friday over airing of content about World Women’s Day, urging them to realise their “obligation to uphold moral values”. The advice said all satellite channels must ensure that programmes related to Women’s Day, being observed on Sunday (March […]

Aurat March: Pemra asked to stop channels from telecasting delinquent slogans

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The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government on Thursday explained its position on the upcoming “Aurat [woman] March”, saying that a ‘handful of elements will not be allowed to hold the society hostage, as a parliamentary panel directed the PEMRA to immediately stop media channels from telecasting slogans such as “Mera Jism, Meri Marzi” ‘to prevent nation […]

TV’s battle for survival

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Starting relatively late, the private television media grew within a short period. Against all odds, journalists working for various channels established their professional worth. The best example that comes to mind was the unprecedented coverage of the devastating earthquake in 2005. Remember, the private television sector was only three years old at the time. In […]

Radio’s grim prospects

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How is radio different from other mediums in Pakistan? Until the last millennium, radio was a major medium of information and news for the semi-literate population. Television, being an expensive technology dependent on then-scarce resource of electricity, was not available to everyone. Newspapers were considered mainly for the urban, literate segments. Radio as an economical […]

Pemra officials threatened, detained at gunpoint by anchor slapped with fine

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ISLAMABAD: On February 13, a top official at Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) found his mobile phone ringing. An anchor was calling at his WhatsApp number. He was in Pemra’s Lahore office, which he had stormed while “shouting and directing his companions to seal the premises and close the doors of office and that no one should be allowed to enter or exit.” Three police guards deputed for security of the anchor helped him in occupying the Lahore office. Two persons in plain clothes were also accompanying the anchor who had come in a Toyota Corolla car bearing green number plate. He further shouted asking for CCTV cameras and instructed his men to confiscate them. As the hostage-taking was in progress, Regional General Manager of Pemra Lahore came out of his room to request the annoying anchor to come and sit with him to discuss his grievance if there is any. The anchor followed RGM to his room, ordered his police guards to lock it from inside and stay alert with the weapons. Finally, RGM was also made hostage along with his two guests. It was from there, the anchor rang to a top Pemra official in Islamabad. As the call was connected, the anchor turned on speaker of his phone. “Do you want to continue your job or not,” the anchor asked the top official. “Yes, I want to continue,” was the reply. Second question, “If I ask you to delegate me all of your powers, whether you will do that or not.” The answer, “I will do that.” Third question, “If I put your phone on hold for an hour, if you will wait for me or disconnect the call.” The answer, “I will wait.” This followed requests from the top official who wanted the anchor to forgive Pemra and that the action taken against him was just by mistake. The top official further promised that he will visit Lahore to personally apologise from the anchor. The conversation ended after this reassurance and Lahore Pemra RGM was silent spectator during this course of crisis. For a background, Pemra’s Council of Complaints had fined the anchor Rs500,000 while taking action on the complaint of two provincial ministers. The anchor had alleged them of corrupt practices in his TV programme but failed to prove. Pemra chairman had approved the decision of fine and it was delivered to the anchor on the day he attacked at Pemra office in retaliation instead of seeking any legal remedy against the decision. As the matter was “resolved” after assurance of a top Pemra official, the anchor decided to celebrate it at Pemra’s Lahore office where he remained from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. He ordered the accompanying men in plain clothes to go for buying 10 pizzas who did accordingly. As they were brought at the Pemra’s Lahore office, the persons present there ate pizzas and the anchor apologised for any “inconvenience.” However, he didn’t forget to let the hostage staff know about the powers he enjoys. Taking names of high ups in judiciary and security agencies, he “tried to give an impression that he is very influential and he also got the support of all the named institutions,” RGM Ikram Barkat noted in a written report sent to Pemra chairman. “He also told us that he has powers given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to seal any premises and office and he has the seals available in his vehicles to do so…For reference, he quoted an incident where he sealed a hospital for three days. He also asked about cell number of chairperson council of complaints. He further said that it is in his hand to revalidate the appointment period of council members and he will see whether their tenure is to be revalidated or not,” read RGM’s report which is being treated as a top secret. So much that anchor’s name has not been given in it and the report was delivered in person by RGM to chairman. “It is further informed that the said journalist/anchor called on his cell phone…During conversation he again talked a few mixed and ambiguous things and categorically asked him ‘Maza aya aaj (hope you enjoyed today).’…Some of the conversations of the event (both audio & video), recorded through mobile phones are also enclosed for ready reference…There are many things/conversation which he even cannot write in order to protect dignity and honor of the organisation and higher posts; however he can inform everything in person,” reads the report. The News International

‘Rapid changes in social media may break 30-year media evolution cycle’

There seems to be a 30-year cycle in the evolution of the media in the world. In 1920 radio became popular across the globe and then television rose to fame in 1950. By the mid 80’s live satellite TV got the world’s attention. In December 2009 came Facebook, which also changed the dynamics of the […]