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Captors urged to release Daniel

KARACHI- Sindh Governor Mohammadmian Soomro on Sunday appealed to the captors of Daniel Pearl to set free the Wall Street Journal journalist, keeping in view the rich traditions of Islam and our culture.

In an appeal issued here, the governor said the US journalist was in the metropolitan city performing his professional duties, and because of his disappearance, his wife and all his well-wishers were undergoing an ordeal.

He said Daniel Pearl’s suffering is creating a bad image for the province, Pakistan and its people, who are known far and wide for their large-heartedness and hospitality.

“The dictates of justice, fairplay and Islamic conduct demand showing of care, concern and affection towards fellow human beings,” he said.

Daniel Pearl went missing here on Jan 23, and recently conflicting reports about his fate were received.

“Please demonstrate kindness to him and his family. I am certain, Allah Almighty will bless you for showing such a kindness for a fellow being,” Mr Soomro said, passionately appealing to Daniel’s captors “to release him, to raise the image of the Ummah and the country.”

It may be recalled that Ulema from different schools of thought have also termed the kidnapping of the US journalist contrary to Islamic teachings and have appealed to the captors to free him immediately, adds our Staff Reporter. The Ulema included Prof Mufti Monibur Rehman, Allama Mohammad Sulfi, Maulana Abdul Rauf and Allama Aqil Turabi

Source: Dawn