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Campus FM stations join hands to improve journalism

* EBF president says qualified journalists are crucial to professionalism of media

ISLAMABAD: The Educational Broadcasters Forum (EBF) of Pakistan, which groups together universities and colleges of Islamabad and Rawalpindi that have been granted licences for campus stations, has launched an initiative to promote peace-building through community engagement and dialogue, within the educational framework, according to an EBF press release.

The EBF was co-founded in May this year by seven universities and colleges in Islamabad and Rawalpindi with broadcast licences, and developed a charter that was signed by the respective vice chancellors, presidents and principals of these educational institutions.

Producers and presenters from all EBF-member FM campus stations will begin from Monday, a unique weeklong course in Islamabad on community peace-building and production of radio programmes that engage local communities in dialogue as a means of understanding conflicts and resolving them, the release said. The training course, to be conducted by Intermedia, is a follow-up on a landmark Radio Partnership for Peace created in June in Islamabad by 60 independent, government and campus FM stations from all over Pakistan, including all members of the EBF.

“The training course will raise the profile of EBF as a grouping with thematic expertise on subjects such as peace journalism,” EBF President Muhammad Qasim Haider said, adding that the EBF was being launched on a national level by incorporating all educational institutions in the country that have broadcast licenses for campus FM radio stations as full members.

Crucial: “All 26 universities in Pakistan that have journalism and mass communication departments will become members of the EBF, which will be instrumental in drafting strategies and implementing plans to improve media education in the country,” Haider said, adding that to ensure greater professionalism of the media, qualified journalists through educational degrees in journalism and mass communications were crucial.
Source: Daily Times