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Asma’s remarks

THIS is apropos of the letters “Asma’s remarks” (June 2).

I had watched the TV programme in which Asma Jehangir had bravely given her views, which were dubbed by some as ‘unparliamentary’.

As an observer I found no such language and wish more of Pakistani leaders would find the courage to call a spade a spade.

Asma is always straightforward in her opinion. There have been umpteen of times when she has criticised politicians and judgments even in a more blunt fashion, but no one ever bothered to write in favour of the politicians. The hush-up attitude to cover up the filth of some sacred cows will never help to clean up the stables.

If politicians do something wrong, they pay the price. Some politicians have been subjected to confinements and even sent to the gallows. Let us accept mistakes as a nation.

As we enjoy politicians grilled on ‘every’ TV talk show from dawn to dusk, a lone voice of a courageous lady criticising the powerful and the ‘real’ policymakers should plainly be taken as healthy criticism and an eye-opener.


Politicians too

THIS is with reference to the letter “Asma’s remarks” (June 8). Somebody has to bell the cat anyway, and Asma Jehangir’s remarks regarding some Pakistani generals of the past and present have been made at the most appropriate time.

However, unlike Ahmed Sultan’s letter (June 7), I would not commit the mistake of being too simplistic and point accusing fingers only at Pakistani generals.

The 63 years of PakistanÂ’s chequered political history is replete with examples of both corrupt politicians and incompetent generals.

Let bygones be bygones and let us start with a clean slate. In the coming general election, which is not very far off, let us elect some honest politicians and, at the same time, get rid of some corrupt ones.

Extremist and fanatical religious zealots must also be shown the door.

Quebec, Canada
Source: Dawn