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Aman Ki Asha laid foundation for peace, prosperity: Indian journalists

NANKANA SAHIB: A 30-member delegation of Indian journalists visited Gurdwara Janamasthan here on Sunday.

They performed their rituals, including Matha Taki, at the Gurdwara. Later, talking to journalists at the Gurdwara, group leader and Press Club of India Secretary General Anil Anand said that the Jang Group and Times of India had laid a solid foundation for peace, prosperity, respect and mutual understanding through Aman Ki Asha.

He said that it was Aman Ki Asha through which closed doors were opened between Pakistan and India. Anil Anand maintained that it had become possible through Aman Ki Asha that journalists, traders, social and cultural organisations and people to visit across the borders. Not even a single person could refute the efforts made by the Jang Group in this regard, he added. He said that there was no threat to the solidarity, integrity and stability of Pakistan from India.

He maintained that Aman Ki Asha would be written in golden words in history. Pakistan was an independent country and dialogues should be conducted on the basis of equality, he added. He said that he would never forget the love given by Pakistani journalists and masses.

He said that all issues, including Kashmir, should be settled through dialogue as war was not a solution to any problem. He said that visa restrictions should be abolished and permit system should be initiated. Chandigarh Press Club secretary general Khushal Lali said that now no one could stop the peace process between the two countries, which was initiated by the efforts of the Jang Group and Times of India.

He lauded the Pakistan government for renovating the Gurdwaras in the country. He said that delegations should visit across the borders frequently in order to minimise the misunderstandings and gaps among people of both countries.

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