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AJK minister announces Rs 1,000,000 for District Press Club Hattian Bala

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MUZAFFARABAD, Oct 11 (APP): The Minister of the government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Javed Ayub, has pledged Rs 1,000,000 from the Annual Development Program (ADP) to allocate fund for the construction of the District Press Club Hattian Bala building. He made this announcement while addressing a press conference in Hattian Bala here Wednesday. Prominent local political figures, including Sahibzada Muhammad Ashfaq Zafar Advocate, Central Senior Vice President of Pakistan People’s Party Azad Kashmir, and Raja Parvez Iqbal Advocate, District President of Pakistan People’s Party Jhelum Valley and others were present on the occasion.. Sardar Javed Ayub acknowledged the efforts of Sahibzada Muhammad Ashfaq Zafar Advocate for initiating the construction of the District Press Club Hattian Bala building during the tenure of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed’s government. He also mentioned that the People’s Party had provided the land ten marlas for this purpose but unfortunately due to some political hurdles, these efforts were not cemented and the building could not completed to date, however, now the political environment is free from confrontation which would help in constructing the press club building. Sardar Javed Ayub emphasized the importance of the District Press Club in Hattian Bala and expressed his commitment to contribute one million rupees from his personal ADP to provide financial assistance for its construction. He also called upon other political leaders, including Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Latif Akbar, opposition leader Khawaja Farooq Ahmed, Shah Ghulam Qadir, Chaudhry Rashid, Dewan Ali Khan Chaghatai, Mian Abdul Waheed, and Bazal Naqvi, to allocate additional grant of ten million rupees from the upcoming ADP for this vital project. While highlighting the historical significance of journalism in the region, Sardar Javed Ayub noted that Hattian Bala and Chanari have always been at the forefront of highlighting the issues of remote areas despite that when newspapers were limited and no electronic media was operational in these neglected areas.. He commended the dedication of journalists in Jhelum Valley and emphasized the need for a modern press club equipped with essential facilities. He also expressed his severe concern over the situation in occupied Kashmir and drew parallels with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He condemned India’s actions of settling non state citizens of Hindutva mindset from Indian states and expressed his solidarity with the people of Palestine in this crucial juncture. He also urged upon religious and political parties to jointly organize a million-person march to express support for the people of Palestine and condemn Israeli aggression and he emphasized the importance of international support for the innocent Palestinian people and the need to address gross human rights violations in Palestine.

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