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KE rejects media reports about tariff adjustment

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Spokesperson K-Electric reiterates that different figures ranging from PKR 4 upwards being circulated in media circles as increase in consumer bills are misleading. According to the Spokesperson, “Some News Channels and Publications have quoted a figure of more than PKR 4 being increased in the end consumers’ monthly bills which is incorrect. It is the […]

Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon sends legal notice to filmmaker Jami

Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon, through his lawyer, sent a legal notice to filmmaker Jamshed Mahmood on Monday under Section 8 of the Defamation Ordinance 2002, asking for an unconditional public apology and retraction of rape allegations. Talking to Dawn.com, the director, popularly known as Jami, said that he had received the notice and was in […]