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Daily Archives: July 16, 2019

Exhibition on life, wildlife and nature of Malawi opens

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KARACHI: A series of photographs providing an insight into the life and landscapes, flora and fauna, communities and culture of Malawi — a landlocked country in south-eastern Africa — were on display at an exhibition that opened at the VM Art Gallery on Monday. It’s the second exhibition by Laurence Savary, a French artist based […]

Herald’s closure is a sad statement on state of media

Closure of the prestigious Herald Magazine is a classical example of curbs on media, resulting in financial squeeze, and changing reading habits. Though it’s been in the grapevine for some time now, the official announcement that Herald has published in its last issue is still shocking. Herald has been a voice of dissent for decades. […]

PBC asks Pemra to ensure media coverage of lawyers’ protests

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ISLAMABAD: Pakis­tan Bar Council (PBC) vice chairman Syed Amjad Shah has asked the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) chairman to ensure media coverage of the ongoing lawyers’ protests over the filing of references against two superior court judges. In a letter addressed to the Pemra chairman, Mr Shah warned that if the authority failed […]