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Workshop on software piracy for journalists

KARACHI: Microsoft held an interactive workshop for journalists to raise awareness for the role of media in the fight against software piracy, copyright infringement and to highlight the value of genuine software to consumers, businesses and the economy on Tuesday.

Country General Manager, Microsoft Pakistan, Kamal Ahmed, while informing the journalists about the impact of piracy and highlighting the role of media in the fight against piracy said, “Software piracy is a big hurdle in the way of progress of our society in general and the IT sector in specific. Currently, 84 per cent (Global PC Software Piracy Study 2007) of the software used in Pakistan is pirated and if this rate is cut down to 66 per cent in the next four years, around 12,000 new jobs will be created in the IT sector. We count on the media to help increase awareness about legitimate software which will lead to the creation of new and better jobs in the IT sector, promote investment and will encourage software development in the country.”

Also present at the occasion was Ameena Saiyid, Chairperson of Anti Counterfeit & Infringement Forum (ACIF) and of IPR Subcommittee, Overseas Investor’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry and also the Managing Director of Oxford University Press. She expressed appreciation over Microsoft Pakistan’s efforts in creating awareness and said, “I am extremely pleased that Microsoft Pakistan has undertaken this initiative to unveil the threats posed by piracy in general and software piracy in particular, by educating the masses about its harmful effects through media. Piracy, counterfeit and IP infringement are major hurdles for the entire business community, which is working to highlight them for the government through various platforms including ACIF & OICCI.”

During the presentation on economic impacts of software piracy, Salman Siddiqui, Genuine Software Manager, Microsoft Pakistan said, “Software piracy is a problem world over as it causes losses of over $40 billion annually. In Pakistan, the productive sector is bearing the brunt of massive use of pirated and untaxed software. A mere 10 per cent decrease in piracy rate in the country can contribute $163 million to GDP and raise $23 million in additional income for the government. Increased use of legitimate software will also promote a better environment for foreign companies to invest in Pakistan.
Source: The News