‘Women can help turn Pakistan into a healthy nation' -Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

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‘Women can help turn Pakistan into a healthy nation’

ISLAMABAD: Women can play a vital role in saving precious national resources spent on treating illness due to carelessness in eating and diet. This was stated by chief of PAIMAN party Dr Nabeela Mi at the Soya Supreme Cooking Class at Islamabad Hotel. The chef guest suggested women to support and educate each other about their problems and illnesses.

Women should take care of their health and diet particularly during pregnancy, she added. She asserted that weak and sick mothers could not produce healthy babies. She revealed that majority of women in Pakistan do not care much about spacing between two births and as a result suffer with iron deficiency. She urged upon the mothers to use a balanced diet, making Pakistan a healthy nation.

Dr Fakhra on this occasion said that by enhancing their cooking skills, women would not only win the hearts of their family members with delicious food but if applied commercially this skill can also be a source of income. Besides cooking, other festivities were also part of the class whereby winners of different items of the class were given prizes and gifts.
Source: Business Recorder