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Woman alleges in-laws tried to chop off her ear

KARACHI: Shiri Devi, 25, wife of Shimla, has registered a case against her in-laws, alleging that they tried to chop off her ear over a domestic dispute. The incident took place on Thursday night at the house of Devi’s in-laws, located at Jogi Mor, Hindu Para within the limits of Shah Latif police station.

Station Investigation Officer (SIO) Mukhtar Thario said that Devi started running a sweet shop in her house and this led to objections from her in-laws, who frequently created hurdles for her. On the day of the incident, they started beating her and during this her ear was injured severely. “Devi’s ear was not chopped rather it seems that it got hurt badly while they were beating her. It could have been due to the ear hitting an iron gate or the earring getting stuck somewhere, resulting in the soft flesh being ripped,” the officer said.

However, he said that the police are waiting for the medical report to make a decision whether the relatives injured the ear or it happened accidently. The woman was taken to hospital from where she was shifted to her home after receiving medical treatment. The officer added that the nominated culprits in the case have fled after a case was registered against them while an investigation has been initiated to probe the case.
Source: Daily Times