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Whither journalistic objectivity?

Sir: I have been noticing something on most of Pakistan’s news channels since the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) held a successful public rally in Lahore. No doubt, Mr Khan’s movement is gaining momentum as more and more politicians are joining the PTI but does that also mean that the TV channels start taking sides with the PTI? Tickers like ‘PTI’s tsunami will take everything with it’ and ‘Imran Khan clean bowls the PML-N’, etc, clearly show that news channels’ policy makers support the PTI. I have nothing against the PTI. I just want to remind the journalists of the journalistic code of ethics that binds them to remain unbiased and objective in reporting. In my opinion, just as after seeing the PTI’s popularity among the youth, the opportunist politicians are joining the ranks of the PTI, the media outlets too do not want to let this opportunity go out of their hands. They have started openly supporting the PTI to get benefits if the PTI wins the next election and comes to power. We all know that some media organisations have been taking sides and supporting ruling political parties and gaining special advantages for themselves.