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VM Art Gallery presents NCA group show

By: Ahtesham Azhar

KARACHI: VM Art Gallery recently oragnised a group show exhibition entitled ‘Just Ordinary Tales’ of Master’s Programme students of National College of Arts (NCA), held here at the premises of VM Art Gallery.

The artist, who presented their artworks were Mohsin Shafi, Nida Bangash, Mizna Zulfikar, Saamia Ahmed, Shajia Azam, Rabiya Asim, Irfan Gul Dhari, Imrana Tanveer, Maria Khan, Sarah Ahmed, Saadia Hussain and Amra Khan.

Almost 50 paintings and artwork pieces were on the display on the occasion. One of paintings of artist Irfan Gul, entitled ‘Eid Mubarak’ was depicting a little girl, standing on street with a rabbit in her hands and trying to say something, which could be; she was asking to her mummy that she have lost something, suddenly an angle appears coming towards the girl with magic stick in her hand.

Another painting of Gul was on same title, depicting a boy wishing Eid greetings but he has tear in his eyes and looking sad. The image was giving a massage that Eid could not be joyful for everyone every time. An artwork of artist Amra Khan, who used plaster and paint in her art piece, entitled ‘One of the few’ was decorated with photo frame with golden colour and painted woman as an image, who was wearing colourful dress of pink and yellow flowers.

Another photo frame of Khan, entitled ‘Scared of boy’ was also decorated well in which two schoolgirls were sitting together holding each other hands. Artist Mohsin Shafi presented his art work on original snaps of people, one of his art works, entitled ‘Case Study’ was expressing a boy sitting among many monkeys and writing something on paper while monkeys were doing different activities. Another artwork entitled ‘Oh so horny’ was depicting a man holding a dog in his hands, wearing cow cap looking with attitude.

Artist Maria Khan presented painting works; one of paintings entitled ‘Sugar Dady’ was expressing an uncle wearing yellow shirt with red bow looking happy. Another was on title Jolly Aunty in which an aunty was standing in jolly mood, wearing white flower on her ear. One of the work of Sarah Ahmed Mumtaz was depicting a woman sitting on chair. She was showing herself happy but some thing was not fine with herself, as her face was painted with black colour.

Minza Zulfiqar presented paintings entitled ‘Spy 1 to 4’ showing a small girl having finger on her lips asking to be silent with her gesture with shine on her eyes.

Talking to Daily Times, Irfan Gul said that my paintings have something to do with occasion but feeling was different, which did not go with title. He added; “Theme should be judged by the viewers as painting and banner have differences.”

Rabiya Asim said that she used traditional mediums with her own prepaid paper. She used geometry in her paintings. Her work talked about humanity while using large scale. She termed herself hard worker and said that it was just like paying homage to work. “My work provides me relief,” she said adding that people giving great feedback and expressing their keen interest.

A visitor Hammadur Rehman said that watching group exhibition always gives positive impact as people could find verity in work. Artwork expressing itself that it all belongs from the master students, he said adding that galleries should organise group exhibition besides solo shows. It could provide help to get attention of public.

VM Gallery Director Rifat Alvi said that it was her long try to exhibit such group exhibition in which all master’s students were presenting their work. She added” “It is totally different show as students are succeeded to present their interesting work.” All work was depicting that students after completing their masters wants to go back in their childhood, she said adding that students, who belongs from art field should come here to talk and to get some benefits from the experiences of masters students.

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