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Today’s internet users empowered enough: PTA chairman

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Dr. Syed Ismail Shah said on Tuesday that contemporary internet users are empowered enough since only by flagging a website’s content, it could be blocked or removed.

Talking to APP, Shah said that communities could play an important role regarding unlawful content available on social media. “Users can now report pages and content which they believe to be objectionable,” he said. “But we have also formed a team of 25 people for the purpose of monitoring and controlling unlawful content on social media.”

He added that some websites are locally blocked and their content is removed, with approximately 15% content on Facebook and the rest on other sites. Citing the example of Malaysia, Shah said the government there prefers internet users to be free to view content online.

However, he maintained that even they have developed a good liaison with social media platforms to manage content, if and when required. He also revealed that Pakistan was 15th on the list of countries which had sent requests to block access to content on Facebook.

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