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There is no honour in honour killing

Karachi: Participants of a panel discussion in Islamabad on Wednesday condemned the practice of honour killing prevalent across Pakistan, particularly Sindh and Balochistan, said a press release issued by ActionAid.

The discussion, “There is no honour in honour killing”, was organised at Quaid-i-Azam University by ActionAid Pakistan and Ideas for Life Trust. Dr Hans Fray (a social scientist), Balqees Tahir, Chief Executive of Sharakat Jahan Ara Moeen (social activist), Samar Minallah (gender expert) and Rukhsana Shama (ActionAid) were among the panellists.

A documentary film on honour killing made by ActionAid was also presented. The film captured real images from field area and sparked a heated discussion on the issue. Students from different parts of country took keen interest in the discussion and presented their research studies on the issue.

Dr Hans said that situation in Pakistan during the early decades of her independence was better and the society was progressive enough to shun such practices. But, he said, it got worsened with introduction of a lot of “isms” later during dictatorial regime of 80s. However he noted that regressive elements are once again on retreat as there are persistent movements against gender discrimination and honour killings.

Balqis Tahira said that education is the only solution to the practice. She said that most cases of honour killings occur in rural areas where tribal laws and traditions are preferred over the law of the country. Lack of education among women makes them more vulnerable to victimisation.

Source: Tribune