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Taliban find no spy evidence against UK journalist

PESHAWAR- The Taliban have found no evidence suggesting detained British journalist Yvonne Ridley was spying but have moved her to Kabul for further investigations, a Taliban intelligence source said on Friday.

The source said that Ridley had been shifted from Jalalabad to Kabul but gave no indication when she might stand trial or be released.

“So far we have not found anything that would identify her as a spy,” the source told AFP by telephone from Jalalabad. “But even if these charges are not proved she has still broken our law by coming here illegally.

Sunday Express reporter Ridley (43) was detained near Jalalabad on September 28 after slipping into Afghanistan disguised under an all covering Burqa, accompanied by two guides. She was not carrying a passport or Taliban visa.

Taliban officials have previously said that she was suspected of spying, a charge that carries that death penalty.

Deputy Taliban foreign Minister Mullah Abdul Rehman Zahed said that the militia was trying to determine whether she “is a journalist or if she had other objectives.” The investigation is continuing and she will face a court case once the investigations are completed.

“Ridley has violated the laws of our country and she will face trial on these charges,” he said.
Source: The News