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Taliban declare truce in Darra Adamkhel

KOHAT, May 28: Local Taliban on Wednesday announced a complete cessation of hostilities after holding talks for six days with a peace committee of elders from Darra Adamkhel.

A spokesman for commander Tariq told Dawn by telephone from an unknown location that the government had assured them that the military would stop operations in Darra Adamkhel and, in return, the Taliban would stop their activities on the stretch of Indus Highway passing through Darra Adamkhel.

The spokesman said: “Now we are completely satisfied and trust the man provided by the government as a guarantor, and announce immediate cease fire. Formal talks for finalising modalities of the peace deal would commence from Thursday,” Mr Muhammad said.

The government had been trying to hold talks with local Taliban militants engaged in armed clashes with security forces since Feb 25 to ensure that the Indus Highway passing through Darra Adamkhel and the Kohat tunnel remained safe.

The administration formed a jirga in Kohat on May 22 and sent it to Taliban to hold talks on behalf of the government.

The government had launched a military operation in Darra Adamkhel after militants captured five trucks full of ammunition.
Source: Dawn