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Smart TV connectivity


I AM a PTCL customer having access to its Internet and Smart TV connectivity. Continued interruptions in service over the past one month and the PTCL’s failure to resolve the problem have greatly frustrated me.

Even though an octogenarian I use the Internet for a good number of hours daily to read books on Amazon’s Kindle, besides remaining in touch with the world. For more than a month, I have been making complaints at the PTCL on 1218 which can be verified from the recordings they make. It is a great fatigue for an old man to try to lodge a complaint on phone repeatedly, because it needs patience to hold on for long hearing audio ads.

Ultimately when in touch with the operator, one has to undergo the ordeal of oft-repeated queries. Holding my mobile in right hand as my left hand is deficient, I also carried out the exercises on computer as directed by the operator.

After conducting such exercises I was told that either the problem would be resolved within the next 36 to 48 hours or their technician would be visiting us. Neither was done. Smart TV does not work if the Internet is dysfunctional. Now there is no option left for me except to consider switching over to another company. Out of several complaints I have lodged, the latest one was 055694.