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Setting newspapers ablaze

Mirpur: The city of Mirpur witnessed a despairing incident late last week, when some miscreants set copies of an Urdu language newspaper on fire on Shaheed Chowk.

The local correspondent of the newspaper lodged a complaint, with the local police, seeking immediate legal action against the perpetrators. But according to the reports received thus far, no action has been taken yet against those action against those responsible.

A policeman was allegedly one of those involved in the incident. The policeman apparently claimed he is the driver of a senior officer of the Mirpur division.

Clearly, the police seem to be disinterested in pursuing the culprits and bringing them to justice.

Burning newspapers is a condemnable act because it is a source of news and information conveyed to the public, Instead of indulging in such practices if a particular group had any concerns with the newspaper in question, it should have approached it for amicable talks to solve the problem rather than setting its published copies on fire.

Moreover, if this incident had the backing of the law enforcement agencies, it become imperative for the responsible officials of the police department to initiate immediate action against the perpetrators to ensure such behavior never occurs again. Senior officials of the police should also make their position crystal clear of having zero-tolerance towards such acts, and should take swift disciplinary action against all criminals to provide better security for everyone.

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