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Rulers spending money on journalists, lawyers: Imran

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He said the government must tell (the nation) who was conspiring against them — the Army or the judiciary — and alleged that they were hurling threats at the Supreme Court after failing to control the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

The PTI chief, while referring to appearance of Maryam Nawaz at the JIT on Wednesday and her media talk afterwards, emphasised that the nation did not want their Indian tragedy films-like drama. He said people want money trail of their London flats and if these were in the name of Maryam Nawaz, then these were bought from looted money by Nawaz Sharif in 1993.

Speaking at a news conference here outside his Banigala residence, Imran asserted that after July 10, people, who were waiting for just a call, would be on roads as the entire nation stands by the apex court. Imran said he was basically holding the news conference to reply to two or three things raised by Maryam Nawaz. He lamented that in order to hide their corruption they had made the entire country a ‘tamasha’.

He noted that instead of giving reply to the question of money trail, a tragedy with tears was created, whereas Nawaz had waved documents in the National Assembly that these were the proof of their properties. Imran said previously, he had always denied anything to do with London flats. Imran wondered, did they forget, what had happened to Nusrat Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto.

He clarified that there was no conspiracy against the Sharifs, rather the Panama Papers was a revelation at global level and action was taken in so many countries in the light of that while Iceland PM was the first to step down and British premier David Cameroon had explained his position in the Parliament and others also presented themselves for accountability. He added that even today, images of Nawaz, his two sons and daughter could be seen at the ICIJ website while their photographs were flashed all over the world, who initially denied ownership but when exposed by PanamaLeaks, they accepted it was their property but were not ready to show documents.

What was required of them (Sharifs), he said, was to show the documents, as to who was the real owner of London properties. He decried that instead of doing so, the state institutions were ruined as well as Pakistan. “Instead of replying to the question, they are threatening the Supreme Court and I challenge such people that people are waiting for just one call. I shall bring them out for the first time in history in such big numbers,” he asserted.

Replying to questions, he said he had said at the very outset that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should resign so that the JIT could carry out investigation and that the Supreme Court should have asked so to the prime minister, as the state institutions were under him. Imran recalled how with batons, they (PML-N) had attacked the Supreme Court in 1997 and this was unprecedented in the whole world.

Referring to Maryam’s statement that their family was had been doing business, he said that their entire business flourished after coming to power through corruption, and added he could become Pakistan’s leading businessman by taking loans and then getting them rescheduled.

About Qatari prince, he said without bidding process, a contract worth Rs200 billion could be given to him at Port Qasim and he came over here for houbara bustard hunting but not for banking transaction, whereas, his ex-wife Jemima had provided money trail of his property while sitting in the United Kingdom 13 years after divorce. He dubbed the foreign funding case against him politically-motivated and said if this was illegal then $20 billion annual remittances by overseas Pakistanis should also not be sent.

Regarding CIA contractor Raymond Davis, he said that his book had proved that the ruling elite had no regard for the people’s rights — he killed two Pakistanis and two others also lost their lives and yet he was set free for dollars. “The timing of the release of the book is another thing,” he said.

Shahbaz Sharif’s name, he noted, was in the Hudaibiya Papers Mills case and this came to the fore when things were seen in detail. He alleged that the entire Sharif family was also involved loot and plunder. He lamented that those involved in ephedrine business were called to bring people at the time of Maryam’s going to JIT. He said the way the entire scene was created and people were forced to undergo discomfort was ‘badshahat’ and not democracy and added that in democracy, Nawaz Sharif’s children carried no value.

Imran came hard on Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and said who named his sisters during his media talk outside the JIT and pointed out when Khawaja Asif passed derogatory remarks against Dr Shireen Mazari and Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, he did not object to that and was pained at Maryam’s summoning by the JIT. He noted that the Supreme Court’s two out of five judges had declared that Nawaz was no more Sadiq and Ameen, while three others wanted further probe and then a JIT was formed.

Imran recalled how Shahbaz had put sweets in the mouth of Nawaz Sharif while celebrating making of the JIT. “But then they started attacking it and the apex court. Maryam also made insinuations towards the SC and the Army,” he said.

He asked Dar see in Google, who was Jemima, Christian or Jew, and that she came to Pakistan after embracing Islam. “For over a year, in order to cover his corruption, he (Nawaz) was playing ‘tamasha’ with Pakistan.

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