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Reproductive rights of women

I WOULD like to draw the attention of women towards their reproductive rights.

Included in these rights of women are their rights to enjoy life with a sense of security of health.

However, women in our society face a lack of rights in making decisions about reproduction, ignorance about reproductive healthcare and breastfeeding, unintended pregnancies or issues of family planning, sexually transmitted infections, birth spacing and small family norms.

A majority does not receive safe pregnancy and childbirth facilities, no security against violence or HIV gender-based violence and torture as well as marriages in early age.

According to the UN, every birth must be a planned, and birth spacing must be not less than two years.

If a birth is not planned and the husband and the wife do not feel comfortable about the pregnancy, then the child will be directly affected, especially its growth.

It also depends upon the health of the mother whether she is in a position to bear a child.

Challenges to reproductive health cannot be ignored. Currently the increasing population of women in the reproductive age, unintended pregnancies, unsafe childbirth, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV infections, gender-based violence, unplanned births, unsafe abortions, lack of knowledge in men and women as well are huge challenges.

Source: Dawn