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PTCL fails to upgrade Smart TV service for subscribers

By Hina Mahgul Rind

KARACHI: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has failed to upgrade its copper wire with fibre for its service launched two years back in 2008 under the brand name of “PTCL Smart”, an official said on Saturday.

PTCL has invested huge funds on the advertising campaign for the service, but did not focus on the technical limitations of the service.

There were several cases where the customers were denied this service due to technical limitations such as long distance from the exchange, which resulted in distorted bandwidth as Smart TV takes at least 2-3mb of bandwidth, the official said.

“For such a scenario, we have our FTTC network, which is being expanded and upgraded to ensure that no customer is refused a Smart TV connection.”

A telecommunication company official said that it is absolutely efficient, easy and very convenient to get Smart TV service. A customer only needs to call and place their order.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited installation team will install broadband and Smart TV connection at the customer’s premises within 7-10 days, the official said on the condition of anonymity.

This new product has been introduced to perform functions that are more intelligent than their normal versions. The PTCL “Smart Line” service includes interactive television, broadband and voice telephony, all at the same time, on PTCL’s telephone line.

The most revolutionary section of this offering is the interactive television, branded under ‘Smart TV’, which for the first time in Pakistan, offered TV viewers the power to control TV channels interactively, he said.

Even after two years, PTCL subscribers have expressed shock over non-provision of Smart line service to the subscribers due to technical problems.

The PTCL teams attribute non-provision of the Smart TV service to the lack of optical fibre for long distances and offered Internet services, which were already available with the PTCL line.

Several subscribers have complained about delay in getting the service despite PTCL claim of providing the service within seven to 10 days.

However, several attempts were made to contact PTCL officials, but no one was available for comments.
Source: The News