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Protests against hate film continue

KARACHI: Agitation in the city and protests from various organisations continued on Tuesday as a large number of people took to the streets to record their anger over the anti-Islam film. Rallies were organised by the Sunni Tehreek (ST), Karachi City Alliance, Anjuman Talba-i-Islam and the Pakhtun Students Federation in different parts of Karachi.

The ST protesters, carrying placards with anti-US slogans, emerged from the party headquarters on M.A. Jinnah Road. However, at the Jinnah bridge they were met by scores of policemen who stopped them from going towards the US consulate.

ST chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri directed the participants to stage a sit-in at the bridge and refuse to end the protest till the authorities allowed their delegation to present a memorandum to US officials.

The police allowed a six-member delegation to go inside the US consulate and present a written memorandum to a US representative. The memorandum demanded that the maker of the anti-Islam film be tried in the International Court of Justice and the US respects the religious beliefs of the Muslims.

Later on while addressing the rally, Mr Qadri demanded that the United Nations ban the film. He asked the government to sever diplomatic relations with the US and expel the American ambassador. “Every Muslim is ready to sacrifice his life to uphold the dignity of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).” He warned that a long march would be organised under the aegis of Ulema and Mashaikh of Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat on Sept 29.

The sit-in continued for two hours after which the participants dispersed. Lyari’s Peoples Amn Committee also organised a rally under the banner of the Karachi City Alliance. The police set up barricades at the Natives Jetty Bridge and stopped the protesters from going to the US Consulate. Furious, a few participants lit up a bonfire at the road but the police were able to bring the situation under control and the protesters dispersed peacefully.

Likewise, Anjuman Talba-i-Islam and the Pukhtoon Students Federation also protested outside the press club. They too chanted anti-US slogans and demanded that the government sever its ties with the US.