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Private TV channels to face action: PEMRA

KARACHI (February 15 2008): Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has warned the private TV channels of stern action if they telecast anything against the rules.

In a notice issued here, Pemra said that Pakistan Army Command Communiqué, which is a restricted document, televised by various TV networks on February 6, 2008, has been viewed with concern.

Pemra said: “As per the terms & conditions of private TV license/permission, the licensee/permission holder shall comply with the Pemra Ordinance No LXV of 2007, Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct.

It said: “Therefore, private channels are advised to desist/refrain from showing such programmes and not to be divulging professional/internal matters of the armed forces will no relevance to people outside the services.

It further said that the private TV channels must strictly abide by the Pemra Code of Conduct & Rules & Regulations failing which necessary legal action shall be initiated under Pemra Ordinance No LXV of 2007 & Rules & Regulations made thereunder.”
Source: Business Recorder