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Policemen roughed up for maltreating women

KARACHI (March 19 2008): Five young men badly beat up four policemen when the latter “maltreated” women members of the family in the name of investigation here on late Monday night near Nepa Roundabout. A huge crowd of onlookers witnessed the fight between five young men and four policemen in the jurisdiction of Nepa Police Station.

According to an eyewitness the law enforcers stopped the family and started maltreating the ladies, on which the boys attacked them and roughed them up so badly that the policemen had to beg the charged young men for their mercy.

He said the family, which was comprised of five men and three women, had just finished with their meal at a local restaurant when the police led by a sub-inspector arrived on the scene in a maroon color Mehran car and stopped the family for investigation.

“Actually, the family was enraged when the police started cross-questioning the ladies and behaved in a doubting manner,” said the eyewitness.

The bystanders, who had gathered at the scene after seeing their “Muhafizs” (policemen) to be beaten up by civilians, intervened and rescued the cops. An official in Nepa Police Station, however, denied outright that any such incident had taken place on the said night.

Source: Business Recorder