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‘Parties must focus on human rights, not settling scoresÂ’

ISLAMABAD: MNA-elect and Parliamentarian Commission for Human Rights Pakistan Chairman Riaz Fatyana said on Sunday that instead of settling old scores, the political parties should focus on providing fundamental rights to the people.
He said this while addressing a press conference at the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Press Club camp office.

Fatyana said the country was passing through a critical phase of its history, adding that a better understanding among all political parties and focus of their attention on public welfare was the need of the hour. Unfortunately, in the past politicians furthered, their own interest due to which people’s problems remained unresolved, he added.

He said February 18 elections were fairer than the past elections and that the polls had provided due representation to all political parties enjoying the trust of the electorate.

The MNA-elect said the winning parties should form a national government and work with full devotion to make up for their past mistakes and lead the nation towards the right direction.

Fatyana said it was the responsibility of the state to provide food, employment, security, education and health­care to its people. He also stressed the need for an independent judiciary for quick dispensation of justice.

The MNA-elect said he had proposed a 10-page action plan to the previous government to help it move towards the con­cept of welfare state but unfortunately it remained unheeded.

Talking about the parliamentary rule, he said the parliament should work according to the powers delegated under the 1973 Constitution.

He said law enforcement agencies were violating basic human rights, especially in jails and urged the upcoming government to ensure respect for human rights.
Source: Daily Times