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Pakistani kills his daughter for ‘family honour’

WASHINGTON: Yet another Pakistani father living in North America has strangulated his daughter to death because she disobeyed him, not wishing to continue a marriage in which she was unhappy.

Some months ago, a Pakistani cabdriver in the Toronto area strangulated his 16-year old daughter Aqsa Pervez for her refusal to wear a hijab. In what the local paper has described as an “honour killing”, 54-year-old Chaudhry Rashid of Jonesboro, Texas, became angry during an argument in which his daughter, Sandela Kanwal (25), told him she wanted out of her arranged marriage with a Chicago man. She had not lived with her husband for three months.

Rashid faces murder charges but “language barriers”, according to police, have slowed the investigation. Kanwal lived with her father when she was not with her husband, who resides in Chicago, police said. Rashid had a seizure shortly after the alleged attack, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Neighbours said there appeared to be several people living in Rashid’s home, but they were not sure who they were or how they were related. The family moved in about two or three years ago. “Things like that don’t happen in this neighbourhood,” a local woman said.
Source: Daily Times