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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) launches massaging service today

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) as part of its diversification policy is launching the massaging service in three major cities from Friday (April 21).

This new addition to the value-added services provides a very economical and effective tool, which obviates the need of being constantly near the telephone to avoid missed calls.

Chief Engineer, Digital Headquarters Islamabad, Mohammad Arif, told newsmen that initially the new services would be launched in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore and later, it would be expanded to seven other cities. Others present on the occasion were Director, PTCL Value-Added Services, Gul Ahmed and Director Tech, Digital Region, Syed Ijaz Hussain Naqvi.

PTCL messaging service comprises three packages – PTCL massaging, PTCL massaging plus and PTCL mailbox. They said that 0.1 million connections would be available including 30,000 each for Karachi and Lahore and 5,000 each for other cities.

They said that essentially a mailbox was allotted to the subscriber who opts for any of the three packages. In case of PTCL massaging and messaging plus incoming voice and fax messages were routed to the mailbox by the fifth ring if the phone was not answered.

In case of PTCL mailbox records voice and fax messages are immediately routed to the mailbox. The PTCL records voice and fax messages as they come in and so may be used even if phone is busy or the line has a fault. These messages may be retrieved from any telephone anywhere in the country or from abroad by making a digital phone call. Security of messages is ensured against eavesdropping through subscriber controlled password. PTCL messaging and PTCL mailbox comprise features like call/fax answer, call/fax messaging.

The installation charges for all the facilities are Rs 250 while there will be fixed monthly service charge of Rs 50 for PTCL message and mailbox while PTCL massaging plus is charged at Rs 75 per month due to the additional features.

Calling waiting is a complimentary feature, which alerts the subscriber of any new incoming call while busy on phone already. In case the new caller is not attended within a period of five rings, the call is routed to the mailbox. This facility is most useful for those who are busy on internet for long hours.

PTCL massaging cannot be matched by answering machines in terms of service, quality and reliability. Additionally, a mailbox is never busy if not full and calls from different lines like office and home numbers, etc, can be routed to the mailbox, being centrally maintained commercial power outage, recording media and answering machine associated problems are avoided.

The capacity of messages of PTCL messaging is minimum 10 messages at time, which will be saved for 72 hours almost, and duration of single message is 40 seconds.

Source: Business Recorder